Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rant - Old stuff, but we're still getting screwed.

A while back, I purchased what was advertised as a 64GB memory card, to make sure I wouldn't be limited in recording HD video on my new camera (the 5D Mk II certainly needs storage space, with the new 22 MegaPixel sensor).
This isn't anything new, I recall the same type of controversy when 20MB hard drives came on the market.
Am I over sensitive to marketing bullshit, or isn't it time we got what we pay for?
Hey, memory manufacturers, how about calling it like it is? This is a 59.6GB memory card, and if you want to sell it as a 64 something, then advertise it as a 64 000 000 000 bytes card!

Even better: sell it as a 64GB card, and put 68 719 476 736 bytes in it.

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  1. They are right I'm afraid. Check Wiki for the full story, but SI units define gigabytes as 10^9 bytes and gibibytes (GiB) as 2^30. I have never seen anyone use GiB though, and I think we are worse off with this definition.